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The Channel is a digital marketing company offering lead generation services through integrated digital marketing solutions including Website Development, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Application development, Search Engine Optimization, PPC Campaign Management, Content Writing, Digital PR & Creative Designing.

Following global standards in digital marketing & being well versed with the latest technology, we help your brand outstand the competitors & reach the desired target audience with our well-strategized lead generation strategies. We help position your brand to establish authority, trust & credibility.

Along with the expertise in marketing, digital & communication disciplines, we have the industry knowledge, insights & technical resources. Combined with this, our highly skilled team dedicatedly works to develop your brand significantly.

Since its initiation in 2015, The Channel has gained a reputation of one of the most professional digital marketing consultancy specializing in leads generation. For us, it’s all about RESULTS for your business and we truly believe that our business is to make your business grow.


Vandana Kapur is a digital marketing strategist by profession and the founder of a leading digital marketing agency, The Channel. Vandana nurtured a deep passion to the realm of digital marketing since her younger school years. Vandana ventured into a diplomatic study of Advertising and Marketing from London.

With the core indispensable skillsets, Vandana incarnated her marketing aspirations by working on real-time, exigent marketing projects with a UK firm. Her strategic play of mind coupled with her unswerving determination, she launched The Channel.

digital marketing company


digital marketing company

Get more leads or customers to scale your business rapidly

digital marketing company

Position your brand to establish authority, trust & credibility

digital marketing company

Acquire the market share of your competitors and be the market leader

digital marketing company

Increase sales & grow your revenues with the right digital marketing strategies.