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Top 10 Instagram trends of 2019

Instagram trends of 2019

Top 10 Instagram trends of 2019


Instagram trends of 2019

Instagram has created a new era of social marketing. Pictures are the new trend and are widely loved by everyone. Everyone wants to have a collection of good pictures which they want their friends and family to see. Instagram essentially has the same concept, which is why it is preferred over other social networks and used widely across the world. The social media platform is not just an entertaining platform anymore. It has grown leaps and bounds in terms of marketing. Due to the large user base, this app has been used by many marketers to promote their goods & services. People have been turning it into a business-base, altering the trends of Instagram. Hence, it is a must that you know the trends which would keep you updated with the app. These Instagram trends will also help you increase and boost your business along with other marketing strategies. Here are the top 10 Instagram trends: –


  1. Ease of personalizing content

Instagram filters users are fed content as per the pictures and posts they view. This way it would be a great idea for companies to actually come up with personalized content to target individual customers. Companies can also make Instagram their base to eventually grow their marketing campaigns.


  1. Customized filters

Clicking pictures on Instagram gives users a lot of options to select from a variety of filters. Companies can plan of coming up with some customized filters for users to use on Instagram. But the present criterion requires the companies to actually contact Instagram and then urge them to launch their exclusive filters. Though this might change in the future, enabling anyone & everyone to create their customized filters.


  1. Easy tagging and shopping

Rumour has it that a new IG shopping app will be hitting the stores soon. So, Instagram can be a great place to actually shop from the app itself. Though, at present companies can create their own business pages and upload their product, along with their price tags. This directs the user to a particular page where they can purchase the product.


  1. Instagram story Ads

You can customize your Ads from the Instagram Ads manager and choose to carry out your product’s campaign via Instagram stories. Lots of companies have been coming up with great ideas and attractive graphics to customize their Ads and market them via Instagram stories which simultaneously have a higher click rate.


  1. Use the story feature in a creative way

You can also come up with some creative content, rather than ads and feature it in the stories section of your business page. Instagram provides a length of 17 seconds for videos, which can be featured in a go. But, if you wish to upload longer content, Instagram will automatically break it into equal parts and post them chronologically, on your behalf.


  1. Focus on user-generated content

User-generated content or UGC actually generates a higher level of trust and hence, the UGC has a higher conversion rate compared to any other media-based content. The primary reason is that the UGC is based on customer’s reviews and comprises of pictures and stories of satisfaction. This positive word-of-mouth urges the users to try out the product after going through its review. Companies can create hashtags and urge users to share their experiences in this case.


  1. Niche content

Competition is very tough and hence, marketers are trying to come up with more niche content to influence a set of targetted customers. Marketers may first target a group of audiences, rather than catering to all the audiences. They then influence them by creating and displaying niche content, which might urge them to try out their products.


  1. Indulge in influencer marketing

Influencers have been growing in number and they are of a lot more value now because of the sheer number of followers and fan base they carry. Shortlist the influencers who have a pretty good number of followers and a lot of experience in working with brands. Contact them and ask them to try out your products and share their experience on their Instagram account.


  1. Use customized name tags

This is Instagram’s brand new feature which has grabbed everyone’s attention and is undoubtedly the biggest Instagram trend of the year 2019. Market your company by sharing a custom nametag which is scannable. This would lead them directly to your place, rather than remembering, spelling and typing the name.


  1. Instagram friendly places

This is another trend people have been trying out. Companies can create special Instagram-worthy places or squares, where users can hang out and more importantly, click pictures. This would fulfill the marketing needs of the companies when the users will upload pictures of the places on their accounts with the hashtag you have managed to come up with. This is another kind of UGC but gives sure-shot results.

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