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Top 5 reasons why you must invest in video marketing in 2019

Invest in Video Marketing

Top 5 reasons why you must invest in video marketing in 2019


Invest in video marketing

Long gone are the mainstream marketing trends which were well-defined and had a very limited scope. The world is evolving and so is marketing. Marketing demands from you a lot more than plain-vanilla content comprising of words and pictorial representation. Trends are fluctuating in nature and keep changing with each passing year. As you try catching up with a new trend, another one comes into the market replacing the older one. And hence, it is always better to predict the trends which might come into existence in the near future. One such trend is video marketing, which is predicted to never go out of style or to lose its relevance. So, if you invest in video marketing you will be actually putting the money in the right place because you will be getting fruitful results in return. Here are the top 5 reasons which would provide a strong argument for assured return on investments.


  1. Video is always the consumer’s preference

Interesting videos are what viewers want, and that is what keeps them interested most of the time. Survey has it; video is the widely preferred marketing tool that is sure to work wonders as it definitely draws the attention of the viewer. It is also true that most of the customers prefer watching videos comprising of nicely placed fancy words rather than pure-content. If you compare email, blogs and social images with video, the latter always has the majority of votes in its favor. Most of the traffic which comes to any site is actually from the presence of video content. It is predicted that in the coming years all the internet traffic would purely be as a result of video content.


  1. Conversion rates are sure to increase

Conversion rate through various other channels of marketing isn’t as effective as it should be. If you want email conversion, it would be appropriate for you to actually put up a video attachment in the email. A mere presence of the video attachment would draw the attention of the consumer and will make them go through the entire marketing article. On the contrary, people will get bored and not bother perusing long emails. Studies also show that customers are more satisfied through videos as they help them in decision making and thereby increasing the conversion rate.


  1. Branding can be done appropriately

Videos have no set pattern and this is their greatest power. You can make videos following any template, for any purpose and show exactly what the consumers want to see. Videos are the best way to increase your brand’s effectiveness and engagement into customer-branding which would play a vital role in the generation and conversion of leads. A few options you can opt for are, fun videos to educate your customers in a fun way, simple-objective videos for potential customers who are simply concerned with the information of the product or even strategic videos to target specific groups.


  1. Is extremely cost-effective

The cost incurred in coming up with video content depends upon the company. They can put up lots of money and create great content of high quality by using expensive equipment and employing the best professionals, just to showcase the brand in a superior manner. On the other end, people are mostly driven by the content and how engaging the video is. So, a company can actually choose to make a simple yet powerful video, keeping it away from all the fancy stuff which would cost you extra bucks. Also, there are platforms where you can upload your videos for no charge but, reach a large user base purely depending upon the content of the video. One such example is YouTube.


  1. It is easy to create a video

This is the best thing about video marketing. It is absolutely easy to shoot and edit a video with all the easy facilitation of applications. Yes, you can hire studios to come and work for you, but that is not really required as the content in it is what matters. If it is strong enough, you would easily be getting through the marketing campaign with least of efforts. iPhones are great options that can provide you with the studio-quality videos without actually collaborating with one. They are expensive but, there are other smartphones as well, which can do wonders in terms of video creation. Speaking of the script, it too shouldn’t be complicated. It has to be easy for the consumers to understand and that should be the main motive of your video. Nowadays, with the various live options available on all social media platforms, you can simply market with zero broadcasting costs. Hop on to the live button of the app and get creative speaking of the product you are marketing.

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