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Dr Anmol Chugg

Great services. An amalgamation of creativity alongwith swift and effective services provided by highly proficient team. Working on a project with them has assured my belief that they are best in business. Would be happy to work with them again. Highly recommended.

Dr. Anmol Chugg

I’m so impressed with The Channel team for all the personal efforts they put in their services. I got a YouTube channel for my daughters. She really cared about the work they are doing and were truly dedicated in the result. I would strongly recommend them to any kind of business looking for social media marketing. Their service are truly personalized.

Ankita Kanodia

Ankita Kanodia
Amay Asrani

We got our website developed by The Channel. They have also been handling our social media platforms for more than 2 years now. I am very impressed by the creativity that they bring to our page.

Amay Asrani, Drool Waffles

I am very satisfied with the work and services provided by the company. They put in great efforts in all spheres of marketing. They stick to the commitments and usually finish the work before time. Very receptive to feedbacks and willing to work on new ideas.

Dr Rhythm Gupta, Excel IVF

Dr Rhythm Gupta
James Thomson

This is just a quick message to show my appreciation. Thank you to The Channel who has helped us put our site together recently. We did have some demanding requirements and the time schedule we wanted it to be produced was fairly short. The team really listened to what we said. Our site is performing very well. The whole process has gone really really smoothly. Thanks to the team and I am sure I will be recommending anyone looking to get a website put together.

James Thomson, Copy Profit 500

Recently, Channel developed website for my startup company, called Vee Aar Infra Advisory Pvt Ltd. Despite being the first experience to design website for an infrastructural consultancy company, they did a phenomenal job. The team carried out the entire work very sincerely and professionally. I wish Vandana, its proprietor and her team all the best in all their future endeavours. I highly recommend its engagement.

R.K. Gupta, Vee Aar Advisory Group

R.K Gupta
Dr Rajat Gupta

We started with a social media marketing package with The Channel. But the utter professionalism that they showed in their work, we are now working on our websites requirements, business development, online profiling and digital PR with them. Vandana Kapur personally takes care of all our needs and delivers timely, which makes her company, The Channel stand out from others that we have dealt with in the past.

Dr. Rajat Gupta, RG Aesthetics

I didn’t ever think that social media or Facebook page is so important for my business. But the kind of professionalism shown by The Channel to maintain my pages on various social media platforms has given me a good follower base & many leads. It has definitely improved my presence online.

Sakshi Khetterpal

Sakshi Khetterpal
Dt Gurleen Kaur

I have been working with The Channel for past 8 months for my website and social media marketing. My experience has been really good. The best thing about working with The Channel is that they put special effort in their campaigns and are able to manage without much inputs from me.

Dt. Gurleen Kaur, Diet Chemistry

The Channel allows us to focus on sales instead of being tangled in marketing strategies. The agency has helped us to create a framework of the most relevant channels for our Real Estate Services. We get more leads than ever.

Golden Bricks

Chetan Kapur