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  • Are you looking for more QUALITY leads and customers to scale your business rapidly?
  • Are you looking to generate new export opportunities overseas and connect with your buyers outside India?
  • Are you looking to position your brand to establish authority, trust & credibility?
  • Are you looking to acquire the market share of your competitors?

If you answered YES to most question above, you are at the right place.

We provide multi-channel lead generation services to help bring out the right customer in your sales funnel. Through strategic planning, we target the prospects at the best time, i.e. when they are most interested and ready to hear your offer.

With a focus on the quality of the leads, The Channel ensures your hard-earned money is only spent on leads that are highly closable.



Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful.

That’s exactly how we connect with you and redefine your brand for the world to perceive it in a new light! We are committed to create and reinvent until we reach perfection!

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Social Media Marketing Services


Looking for a professional social media marketing agency? Well! Your search ends here. We Create Your Social Reputation Online Which Is Irresistible To Your Target Audience!

One of the most powerful ways to reach out to your target clientele is your online presence through your social pages. Your customers are looking forward to interact with you through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Today, paid business advertisements placed on social channels like Facebook and Instagram speak a million words for the businesses. They target the precise audience and fetch the right queries that hold the potential of great conversions.

We plan the advertisements within your budget to keep you easy on pockets.Yet, our methodically strategized and well-thought of social ads hit the right geographical..

Website Development Services


Looking for a website development agency? Your search ends here!! We Take Absolute Responsibility To Create An Impressive Web Canvas For Your Business!

A website always acts as the first point of contact for your prospective clientele! Your customers gather information about your business through the website before they reach out to you!


We Have The Technology To Place Your Business in Every Prospective Client’s Hand with mobile application development services.

With the influx of mobile and hand held devices, every individual is your prospective client, only if you are visible to them! This visibility comes through an effective mobile application that details out your business and presents its importance to the end user.

Mobile Application Development


To Establish An Outstanding Rank For Your Business on Search Engines Is Our Absolute Endeavor! Search Engine Optimization ensures that your business is the first to reach the target customers, whenever that is a relevant search made online! We make sure that your SEO does the right job at just the right time!


Make The Best Of Every Marketing Penny You Spend With Our Top of The Notch Pay Per Click (PPC) Techniques!

You need Pay Per Click services to boost the queries and sales through online platforms. We recommend multiple solutions and approaches, customized to your business, so that you appear on the all the commonly used search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Video Marketing Services in Gurgaon


Video marketing is the key to today’s digital world! You need to broadcast any message, video is the answer.

Then how can the businesses be left untouched by videos? A strong marketing campaign must have video as its integral part. At The Channel, we believe that video marketing is the most effective branding tool that everyone needs for businesses today. How-to videos, testimonial videos, event videos, business explainer videos, and corporate training videos – you name it and we can create them for you.


When we say content, we create a picture of a tool in your minds. A tool that can sell your online business like no other. That’s exactly the kind of content we create for you. A good content piece must bind your audience to the information you are sharing, and the brand that you aspire to propagate.

The team of writers at The Channel understand the importance of content marketing in the online business world, and hence, strive to make a mark with every content piece they write for you.



The competitive world of online businesses is driven by influencer endorsements that can pull customers. We apply right kind of influencer marketing tools that can elevate your business many notches up and establish your brand amongst masses and classes alike.

Influencer Marketing today is proving to be a highly effective marketing tool with its hybrid strategy of content based marketing and celebrity style backing.