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Success On A Shoestring – It’s All About Business Promotion On A Budget!

Business Promotion On A Budget

Success On A Shoestring – It’s All About Business Promotion On A Budget!

Marketing is the first expense one looks at cutting down on when a budget is tight. But the good news is, never before has one had access to more cost-effective tools of marketing than today. These low-cost strategies are bound to cheer you up and help you work your way around them:

  1. Have your blog going for you– Your blog can be the foundation of all your other marketing efforts. Direct your visitors here, cultivate relationships and capture leads. Post content that keeps your audience interested.
  1. Create a ‘Google My Business’ account– This ensures that your business shows up in local searches as well as on Google Maps and Google+.
  1. Email marketing– Email marketing is a tried and tested channel of digital marketing with proven returns. Not only is it cheap, but could even be free for smaller mailing lists. It also allows youto keep in touch with existing customers and build strong relationships.
  1. Networking– There couldn’t be a better way to promote your business than to take time out to meet people and more people. A strong network is one of the biggest assets a business person can have.
  1. Guest post on popular niche sites or a business magazine– Advertising in business magazines has a high cost to it but contributing a guest article to either, with them letting you promote your business in your bio with a link back to your site is a good deal.
  1. Join online communities and add value– Be a part of Facebook and LinkedIn groups in your industry and offer valuable advice and information. As members see the value you are adding, they will be curious to know more about you and what you offer.
  1. Take advantage of Facebook’s and Google’s free ad credits– When signing up for services like web hosting or AdWords, make the most of the free vouchers they offer and take a trial of the PPC advertising.
  1. An eye-catching business card– A business card that stands out can get you noticed at live business events.
  1. Use social media to your advantage– Share valuable information with your social media followers, and become a trusted name in your industry.
  1. Have an elevator pitch ready- Research shows that six to eight seconds is all you have to grab someone’s attention. You, therefore, need to be ready with a compelling elevator pitch so you could be marketing anytime, anywhere!
  1. Ask for referrals– Referrals open the door to new customers. If you aren’t asking for them, you are undoubtedly missing opportunities.
  1. Offer coupons– Research has proved that coupons end up in expanding customer base because people make it a point to use them.

With a little experimentation and time, you will soon find out which of these strategies work best for you and to keep your brand on people’s minds.

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