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Vandana Kapur


M.A. Marketing Communication (University of Westminster, London)
B.A. Marketing & Advertising (University of Arts, London)
Certification in Digital Marketing (Business Coaching Academy)
Diploma in Graphic Designing (MAAC & Arena Multimedia)

“Entrepreneurship is not a step towards survival, in fact no one sees it like that. But in all actuality, it is survival. It is survival from the prevalent stereotypes and survival from the fear of failure. This is all that nurtures creativity and instils the will to go on and to create extraordinarily. This is what taught me business and the fact that business is not just financial science, but it is trading, buying and selling of skills, faith and best of services.”

These words from Vandana Kapur define her outlook towards her profession and life as well. An astute entrepreneur, a supportive wife, caring mother, and an affectionate & considerate person to all, Vandana Kapur has been playing multiple roles and that too with a finesse! With over a decade of experience in advertising, digital branding and design industry, she carries with her an unerring level of passion and determination to excel in all her endeavours.

Educational and Professional Accomplishments

As a child, she was always inspired by her family and teachers to constantly strive to follow her dreams. Her astonishing skills shone in childhood only when she was constantly chosen as class head. During college she mentored Chinese students for spoken English. Equipped with an astoundingly creative brain, and known for possessing a remarkable sense of humor she always wanted to land in creative field. Advertising caught her attention in the school days as she would constantly look into the work of advertising bigwigs and get inspired.It was this inspiration that made her perpetually open to new and innovative ideas.

To follow her dreams and to give a defined shape to her ideas, Vandana pursued and completed her graduation in Advertising and Marketing from London College of Communication, University of Arts, London. Always an avid learner that she is, she attended diverse summer courses in graphic design and digital technologies, during her breaks from university.

After completing her graduation, she went on to pursue her Masters in Marketing Communication from University of Westminster, London.

Experiences as a Professional

While in education, Vandana completed various internships with reputed firms in London. Her first professional profile as PR Assistant with, a renowned IT recycling company propelled her into the professional world infull fledged manner. Later, she took up the role of Marketing Intern with another featured advertising firm Here & Now 365, a London based advertising firm.  Her big break as Publisher Manager with Sport Syndicator, London, changed her outlook towards advertising industry. This stint of 2 and a half years from 2008 to 2010 equipped her with a vision towards global advertising arena, which she aptly applied in later years, during her own endeavours as an entrepreneur.

Later in India, she also worked as Marketing Manager with Golden Bricks, an accomplished real estate company, from 2011-2012.

All these successful tenures polished her skills as digital marketer.

Seeding of Entrepreneurship

Having gained ample experience with industry moguls in various capacities, Vandana decided to launch herself as a brand and started to work as a freelancer while offering services in marketing, design and advertising domains. While catering to various projects with big brands of the industry, she found her footing and launched her own entrepreneurial venture; “The Channel”, offering digital marketing, advertising and branding services.

Spearheaded by Vandana, “The Channel” today is catering to a plethora of clientele pertaining to fashion industry, hospitality industry, real estate industry, medical industry, health and wellness industry, fitness industry and many more. The Channel’s portfolio shines with more than 250 brands on its palette.

The Driving Force

Family has been Vandana’s driving force throughout her career. Although she hails from a traditional business family, yet her up-bringing invigorated her to become completely self-reliant and confident. She also receives ample support from her husband, Chetan Kapur – a real estate expert, who inspires her to fulfil her dreams.  A dynamic and versatile individual, she firmly believes in pursuing excellence. Her innate qualities of compassion inspire her to add a personal touch to advertising and design.

The Way Forward

A natural and meticulous strategist, Vandana has her sights set on making “The Channel” a prominent name across the global advertising industry. She aspires to carve a niche in the industry and aims to transform the nascent enterprise into a giant conglomerate.

In the coming years, she looks forward to enhancing the product range at “The Channel”, thus presenting unique and creative services in the fields of advertising, marketing and digital design.

With a strong commitment towards advertising, she also wishes to change the status quo of the Indian branding industry.

” A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” – Melinda Gates